Aren’t the edges sharp?

After the pieces are cut, the edges are carefully filed to ensure they aren’t sharp.


What kind of ear wires do you use?

All of the pieces use a hypoallergenic surgical steel or gold plated surgical steel. If you know you have a serious intolerance to this metal, you can request a different material at a small additional cost.


Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, gift cards are available here.


What if I like a piece of jewelry that is already sold out?  Can you make another?

It completely depends on what materials I still have in stock. Sometimes I do have enough tin left to recreate a piece, but due to the nature of the tin patterns, it might not be exactly the same. 


Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I absolutely love to work with clients to create something special and unique just for them. 

Can I donate some old tins I have?

I always appreciate when someone wants to donate a tin, particularly florals and other interesting patterns.


I received jewelry that has a small scratch on it. Can I return it?

Due to the nature of the process and the vintage materials, the tins are not always flawless. While some may feel that the slight wear highlights the piece's vintage and upcycled nature, others may not feel the same. I recommend that you zoom in and examine the photo before purchase if you are concerned about this. Returns for this or any other reason must be made within 15 days of receiving the item, and shipping is to be paid at the buyer's expense. Please contact us at alterednotions@gmail.com if you have a problem with your item and to begin a return.


Do you do wholesale?

If you have a shop and are interested in carrying Altered Notions items, please contact Beth at alterednotions@gmail.com with more information about your store and the quantities you are looking for. Not all styles are available for wholesale.